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  • What are your shipping procedures+restrictions?
    We ship throughout the continental United States. Our plants will come shipped in the best way we know how. Sometimes that will mean bare-root, sometimes that will mean wrapped in lots of padding with wet roots. Each type of plant requires a catered shipment. We commit to sending you happy, healthy plants that will arrive in perfect condition. All orders ship in 3-5 business days via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail. You will receive an email confirmation at time of order and at time of shipment. We currently only ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure your plants+things arrive as quickly as possible. In cases of extreme temperature, we may halt shipping until alternatives are available.
  • Do you offer plant care guides?
    In our commitment to being eco-conscious, we send minimal "extras" in your shipments. There is information on each plant on our website as well as the name of each plant in your shipment so that you can do your research from home. We appreciate everyone in our community helping us preserve the Earth's resources.
  • My plants have arrived. What do I do now?
    Unpack your plants immediately. We wrap your treasures safe for travel, but as you unwrap be sure to lookout for tender leaves and prickly bits. Any streched or faded leaves will recover once replanted and in proper sunlight. Water your new plant in its new home. Whether in a pot or outdoors in the ground, you want to give the roots plenty of water. They've been deprived during transport and are thirsty! Protect your plant from extremes. In the first few weeks it will be adjusting to its new home. Treat with care.
  • My plant seems damaged/unhappy upon delivery. Help!
    We package every plant to be as secure as possible during shipping. We don't want your plants to damaged either! That being said, the complexities of shipping live plants sometimes brings its own challenges. Most plants will require an adustment period of approximately two weeks. Fading and stretching is natural for plants deprived of sunlight and water. They will happily and quickly recover once planted and in the proper level of sunlight. If you believe your plant is truely damaged please contact us immediately. We ask that you send a photo and any applicable information to
  • What is your returns+refunds policy?
    If you are not completely happy with your purchase please contact us immediately. You will have the option to exchange your plant or receive shop credit. We ask that you email us at with any applicable photos within 24hrs of receiving your purchase.
  • How do I join the community at PHG?
    We would love to include you in our pre-sales, secret sales, pro-tips, and get to know you more in our group chats. Get the latest info on Facebook and Instagram, and join our Pub Club to be part of something big.
  • What if I have a question that is not listed here?
    Please send an email to or use the contact us link at the top of our page. We are happy to help however we can!
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